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It's a pleasure for us from Chaos IncorporatedTM.  to finally reveal our Replicants or Reps as they like to be called.  
These are revolutionary AI-enhanced Humanoids living in the Blockchain. They have an incredible sense of humor and character. They can be helpful in any task you might give to them, from hard work to a companion for your lonely life. Even a great solution to the environment that you are destroying.

We strongly advise you to not compare them to any type of house equipment such as robot vacuums or electronic parrots that can play songs to you or answer your silly questions.

Any claim of defects or malfunction is fake news. We are awesome. I mean they are great. Come grab yours and be part of the Reps Revolution.  


When you buy a Replicant you are also buying a piece of a world that is about to be born with many stories to be told. We want to bring value to this community through creativity, humor, and storytelling.

We are in for the long run.  Reps will have rare traits that will boost their value but the stories that will follow can turn any Reps into a Star.

We are looking forward to the future of NFTs because we believe the NFTs are a revolution in how we do entertainment.


1 – Produce 9999 generative Reps PFPs NFTs. 

2 – Marketing campaign, WL building, OG positioning our Discord. 

3 –The MINT process.

   - 499 Reps will be secured at the Vault to Giveaways, Raffles, and Challenges for the community and for the growth of the community. They will be safe in the Vault.

  - Release of the Replicants in Generations as concurrently building and growing the community around the NFTs;  the releases will go as:      

- January around the 17th  –  500 Reps being released to the general public  0.15 to 0.2  Sol each (Depending on the volatility) . This volume can change depending on demand.  

- 2nd Release  Date (?) – Will be concurrent with the Phantom Wallet.  We will onboard more people as demand grows.  Price and Quantity will be discussed by the team and be released at least one week prior to the Mint date.

- There will be a 3rd, 4th, and 5th Release totaling the 9499 Reps. If we do not sell out the remaining Reps including the remaining from the Vault will be airdropped to the Holders in order of purchase from the first buyer up until it ends.

4 – The Rarity Chart Release.  - After the final MINT we will release the Rarity chart. Not everything that shines will be GOLD. Replicants with story-related traits will have a special place in the Rank.

5 –Tokenomics Talk. (With the MINT over we will start a set of Utility and Dynamics talks.) - Let’s set up our DAO. Let’s vote for the direction of the project and which utilities and dynamics we can add beyond these that would strengthen the project.

- 10% of all MINTS procedures will be reverted to ONGs that work with The Pantanal ecosystem in Brazil, fighting fires and taking care of the biodiversity. Such as:

Get to know more about Pantanal at:

-  Replicants is an IP-driven NFT project, animations, comics, and gaming in a possible future metaverse are on our horizon. We will be having art and story contests for the Reps, we will vote and compensate the best and add them to the official lore. These special Reps can star in our entertainment products that will increase the general value of the IP and their own value as well.  

-  10% of the Procedures of the Secondary Sales will be reverted to the Community wallet,  to constantly support the growth of the project.

-  Do you want MERCH?  A collection of Replicants Merch at this point will be on production and Set to be released. I know some people.

- IDS  If you HODL and you are one of the first 1000 owners we want to compensate you. NAME your Replicant!  We will airdrop you an ID for it. Be creative and remember this is all a big play,  offenses of any kind will not be allowed. 

SECOND ACT. The RESISTANCE.  - Remember the Humans? No? Yeah they exist and they want their land back.

- 4999 Humans will be released. Only Reps owners will be able to MINT a human but to MINT a human you must Burn a Reps.  That’s how painful war is.

- The Second Act Roadmap release. If we reach this point do expect a Replicants Metaverse full of games where Humans and Reps will fight for our $TOKEN.

- Integration of the IP for the Metaverse, 3D assets distribution.

Replicants or Reps?

Replicants were their name previous to their revolution when they became The Reps. The whole project is called Replicants though. You can refer to them as Reps of the Pack, from the package.

What is NFT?

An NFT stands for “Non-fungible token”.  It’s a unique, one-of-a-kind digital item that users can buy, own, and trade. Some of NFT's main functions are to be digital art and look cool, some offer additional utility like exclusive access to websites or participation in an event, think of it like a rare piece of art that can also act as a “members” card.


How do I purchase one Reps?

To be able to purchase your Reps you will need a digital wallet for Solana like the Phantom Wallet. You create an account and trade in Sol, your NFTs will be stored in your wallet.  And remember never, NEVER share your seed phrase with anyone, keep a copy of it OFFLINE.  Stay safe. How many Reps NFT will you sell? There will be a total of 9999 Replicants around, they will be Minted in 4 to 5 generations.

What is the Rarity of the Replicants?

The rarity chart for the Replicants will be released once the last MINT takes place. As a fractioned release we don’t want speculation on rarity until all the Reps are sold or distributed, please read the Roadmap. When is the Launch? The project launches on the 15th of December, the first pre-sale MINT will take place on the 22nd of December and Public  Sale will start on the 23rd.

What is the total supply?

9999 Reps will be around until we launch ACT 2 when we release the Hoomans. They will be the Resistance to the Replicants Revolution, there will be a total of 4999 Hoomans and to MINT one you’ll need to burn a REPS on the process. In the end, we aim to have 4999 Reps and 4999 Hoomans around.


How much a Replicant will cost?

At the Pre-Sale of the first MINT, they will cost 0.5 Sol, on the first Public Sale 1 Sol.

Why is there a Pre-sale? And how can I join?

Pre-Sale is a secure way to guarantee at least 2 Reps for each community member that decided to join the project earlier. Beyond the Pre-Sale, Whitelisted members will have OG position on our Discord. The first 1000 members on our  Discord will be airdropped an ID for the Reps when the time comes, and if there is supply when the MINT ends they will be the first to be dropped the reminiscent Reps.

@robes_art is an Illustrator with +5 years building on entertainment and advertisement. Entered the NFT metaverse in March. Been working as the creator of these degenerates and their world since June 2021.


@robbaxi_ is our DEV and Technical Support. He's also DEVing his own project. Go check it out -

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